A is for Affect

How we should treat children with affect.

Carol Read's ABC of Teaching Children

Affect is to do with emotions and moods and influences the way children think, feel and learn. Creating a positive affective atmosphere in the classroom is essential for developing cooperative social relationships among children and can be instrumental in sustaining motivation and improving academic performance. If children feel insecure and anxious in the classroom, they may experience ‘learning blocks’ and a sense of failure which can all too easily become a fixed and repeated pattern throughout the primary years.

In classes with a positive affective atmosphere, children have a sense of belonging and feel valued and cared about as individuals. They look forward to lessons with a sense of anticipation and enjoyment, and are more emotionally open to realising their full learning potential. This in turn helps to raise children’s self-esteem and allows them to blossom, both as people and as language learners, in a context of mutual respect and…

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